We have bikes for any price range, including $0

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, our network is receiving considerable bike donations.  Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed.

We are providing every possible option for people who would like to be on a bike.  That include free bikes, helmets, locks, and lights for those who do not have means to BUY a bike.

Rad believes biking as a form of transportation, exercise, and expression is a human right.

Let us know if you know someone in need:  @RadSpringfield, radspringfield@yahoo.com, 413.271.7293


4 thoughts on “We have bikes for any price range, including $0

  1. I need a good bike for work I keep having bad luck with bikes and I just need a good money wise its tight 😫 please i need a bike for work to feed my family


    1. Yes – please stop by during our next session on July 12th (from 2pm to 5:30) and we can try to find a bike that suits your needs. We have few bikes available now, and more come in from time to time.


    1. Hello Santina – stop by our shop at 168 Worthington St if you can, we are there Monday’s from 2pm to 5:30pm.
      We would need to know your sizes (height) and bike style that you are looking for, in order to let you know if we have any bikes available that would work.


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