Getting your bike ready for spring

With the warm March weather returning this week, it’s not too early to start getting your bike ready to ride.

If you need assistance with a tune-up or are looking to work on your bike yourself, we can help.

We still have very limited space indoors due to Covid restrictions, but you can call/email us to make an appointment for our Monday afternoon repair timeslots: 2pm – 6pm. Outdoor assistance is also possible, weather permitting.

Contact info:, 413.271.7293

2 thoughts on “Getting your bike ready for spring

  1. I have a motorized bike I need a tune up plus I would want to get new brakes front and back or dual brake and new clutch and new handle bars.. please let me know how much and how long it will take.. it is a 26″ mountain nishiki bike


    1. Hello James – we don’t work on the motors or batteries, but we can help with general bike repairs such as brakes, and tune-ups on the non-motorized functions of the bike. We sell parts for reduced rates, can help you learn how to fix your bike, and generally work off of donations for our repair time. Stop by our community bike-repair program some Monday afternoon from 2pm-5:30pm. These are the weekly hours for the bike program.


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