2021 Summer Bike repair training program

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Springfield students! Get paid to learn bike repair this summer, help others and earn a bike for yourself! RadSpringfield, a program of Make-It Springfield, is looking for you! Have some fun, earn some money and be part of the Make-It community too! Submit your name and all about your interest in bikes here: (link removed) Class is now underway and filled up.

After you fill out the form, a RadSpringfield coordinator will contact you for an interview.

5 thoughts on “2021 Summer Bike repair training program

  1. I am an occupational therapist that works with kids in group homes. I have some kids that want to learn to work on bicycles. I am currently taking a class at Make It Springfield with a kid in learning puppets. I couldn’t help but notice the bikes. Might there be some sort of evening week day class for learning to work on bicycles that I could bring a kid or several down to learn? Thank you!


    1. Hello Charles,
      Thank you for reaching out to us. We may be planning a fall bike repair class, with Springfield teen youth in mind (ages 13 – 17).
      Please keep in touch and we will have more information in October. Right now staffing is very short on the bike side, so we have some challenges to overcome.
      Rob T
      RadSpringfield mechanic/volunteer


      1. Rob,

        That would be great if it is possible. I know it is specific to teen youth, but I would have to be present as well with the kid or kids that I would bring. Can I also be a part of the class even though I am in my mid 40s. Frankly, I’m interested in learning myself too.

        Charlie Cooley OT


  2. Hi Charles,
    Yes, I believe you would be able to “monitor” the class, as long as we don’t have additional Covid restrictions that are limiting our numbers of attendees.
    Feel free to stop in some Monday between 2pm and 5:30 and we can discuss more if you’d like.


    1. Rob,

      Thank you! I will swing by today with a kid. I understand you are selling bikes. We desperately need some bikes at Cutchins. I look forward to talking more.



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