How to Prevent Common Cycling Injuries

Learn How to Prevent or Work Through Common Cycling Injuries
Pain can be a frustrating thing that can sideline you from riding. While a good bike and proper set-up are important for avoiding injury, it does not guarantee that you will avoid pain or discomfort during or after cycling.
For some of the most common cycling injuries, here are some tips on preventing and working through each injury, along with some simple stretches and exercises.

Neck Pain
Neck pain is a common injury among cyclists, typically caused from poor posture or positioning on the bike. It’s common for cyclists to feel a persistent pain at the base and/or sides of the neck. Rotating and bending your head can be difficult, making it feel ‘blocked’. Neck pain can also mean you experience pain as while holding up your head while riding.

Tips to Avoid Neck Pain
Proper bike posture can help avoid neck pain and reduce tension. In addition, relax your grip on the handlebars, and make sure they are prosperity adjusted, so you’re not leaning forward. Finally, make sure you have proper posture, relaxing the shoulders and maintaining a neutral position of your neck.

Stretches for Neck Pain
● Neck rotations
● Neck tilts
● Shoulder rolls
● Shoulder blade squeeze

Forearm Pain
Forearm pain is a common complaint among cyclists, often caused by overuse of the muscles and tendons in the forearm. This type of pain can make ‘un-gripping’ your hands difficult during or after cycling.

Tips to Avoid Forearm Pain:
Like neck pain, start by relaxing your grip on the handlebars to reduce tension in your forearms. Make sure your hand position on the handlebars is comfortable, and you’re not gripping too tightly. Also, consider altering the rotation on your handlebars or brake lever angle so the wrist is in line with the arm when standing on the bike.
Stretches for Forearm Pain:
● Wrist flexor stretch
● Wrist extensor stretch
● Forearm pronation/supination

Low Back Pain
Low back pain is a common complaint among cyclists, often caused by poor posture and positioning on the bike.

Tips to Avoid Lower Back Pain:
To address lower back pain, start by checking that your saddle angle isn’t too low or tipped up. Make sure your bike is the right size and the seat and handlebars are properly adjusted to the correct height. A proper bike fit can also help reduce the risk of low back pain. Performing lower back and hip stretches before and after riding can relieve tension in the muscles.
Stretches for Low Back Pain:
● Knee-to-chest stretch
● Hamstring stretch
● Cat-Cow stretch

Knee Pain
Knee pain is a common issue among cyclists and can be caused by various factors, including improper bike fit, overuse, and muscle imbalances. Knee pain in cyclists is typically characterized as a deep ache around or just under the kneecap. This can cause the knee to feel
stiff when first getting up from sitting.

Tips to Avoid Knee Pain:
Check the height of your saddle to make sure it is optimal for your height and not placing extra load on one group of muscles. Keep the supporting muscles supple to take the pressure off your knees, particularly your quads.
Stretches for Knee Pain:
● Simple standing quad stretch
● Reclining pigeon pose

In Closing: Overcoming Cycling Injuries And Get Back To Riding
Incorporating stretching exercises into your daily routine can help to alleviate pain and improve flexibility, reducing the risk of injuring or re-injuring yourself. In addition, you can work on further strengthening your core, legs, and upper body to prevent injuries while cycling.
Finally, when coming back from an injury, don’t do too much too quickly! Instead, work your way back into cycling by gradually increasing the duration and the intensity of your rides. If you’re a cyclist that has sustained an injury preventing you from riding, reach out to MOVE Athletics.

MOVE Athletics are licensed physical therapists in West Springfield that can help you return to cycling, working with you to create and follow a personalized plan to remain pain-free.

2021 Summer Bike repair training program

May be an image of one or more people, people standing, bicycle and outdoors

Springfield students! Get paid to learn bike repair this summer, help others and earn a bike for yourself! RadSpringfield, a program of Make-It Springfield, is looking for you! Have some fun, earn some money and be part of the Make-It community too! Submit your name and all about your interest in bikes here: (link removed) Class is now underway and filled up.

After you fill out the form, a RadSpringfield coordinator will contact you for an interview.

Getting your bike ready for spring

With the warm March weather returning this week, it’s not too early to start getting your bike ready to ride.

If you need assistance with a tune-up or are looking to work on your bike yourself, we can help.

We still have very limited space indoors due to Covid restrictions, but you can call/email us to make an appointment for our Monday afternoon repair timeslots: 2pm – 6pm. Outdoor assistance is also possible, weather permitting.

Contact info:, 413.271.7293

We have bikes for any price range, including $0

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, our network is receiving considerable bike donations.  Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed.

We are providing every possible option for people who would like to be on a bike.  That include free bikes, helmets, locks, and lights for those who do not have means to BUY a bike.

Rad believes biking as a form of transportation, exercise, and expression is a human right.

Let us know if you know someone in need:  @RadSpringfield,, 413.271.7293


Celebrate Earth Day 2020-style

Want to celebrate Earth Day in a time of a global pandemic? No problem. Get involved with our crowd-sourced neighborhood cleanup.

That walk you’re going on to de-stress from quarantine – bring a trash bag.

Get in touch with us and we’ll deliver durable trash bags and pick them up when they’re full (by bike of course).

You’re already wearing a mask and gloves around, so put em to use. Make sure to stay friendly with neighbors from >6′ of social distance.

Grab that quarantine buddy of yours and get out there for the benefit of the community! The future leaders of this country are being made today. Get involved.

Reach us at:

@RadSpringfield on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter

Your first job requires BIKE experience

As the age old paradox goes:

  • most jobs require experience
  • many young people who haven’t held a job before would like a job
  • how do you gain that first experience?


Helping coordinate, market, and run our Monday workshops are a fantastic opportunity for youth and teens to gain real life experience.  Let us know how we can help.

Discovering Springfield on two wheels

We all see the world through different glasses.  Every morning we wake up with a view impacted by our past experiences, present workload, and aims for our future selves.

It brings us overwhelming joy to be working with a consortium of groups including Pedal Thru Youth, Hampshire Bicycle Exchange, Competitive Edge Ski And Bike, and Jewish Family Services of Western Massachusetts.

Our goal is to provide everyone who would like to bike an opportunity to do so safely.

Through resettlement and job placements, many families of refugees of foreign crises are making new homes – helping to make the Forest Park neighborhood one of the most vibrant places in New England.

These bikes, built mostly in previous decades have changed likely changed hands more than once over their lives. Soon they will be a transportation option for a New American coming to our soil from Congo, Sudan, or Rwanda.

The good ones like those built by Columbia out near our pals the Friends of the Columbia Greenway Rail Trail, Inc. in Westfield will last decades longer.

A bike is a fantastic option for getting to work on our Springfield roads. Each New American commuter will receive roadway safety training along with locks, lights, and a helmet along with a refurbished bike.

Please help us reach our goals of providing dozens of bikes to New Americans:…/new-american-riders-bicycles-for-refug…

To those who have already given to our community on any level, we thank you.

We’re hiring!

Rad is hiring a summer position to assist with our growing programmatic offerings!

Job details are below.  Applicants can email a cover letter and resume to


Youth Repair Instructor Job Description



The Youth Repair Instructor will be a Springfield resident, age 18-26 who will lead the instruction of youth during a 10-week summer program hosted by Rad.  The Youth Repair Instructor is responsible for knowing the basics of bike repair and safety, introducing lessons and testing youth participants at the Springfield College Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement’s (“The Center”) summer earn-a-bike program.

In addition to running the summer programming curriculum at The Center, the Youth Repair Instructor will need to ensure the project has a consistent inventory, especially of refurbished bikes and hardware for teaching.



– Assess donated bikes to see if they are repairable in an educational forum designed for youth

– Repair and refurbish bicycles to be used as earn-a-bike options, maintaining a consistent inventory for new students

– Track time and parts used per project

– Maintain a neat and organized workspace at The Center

– Maintain a high level of professionalism

– Select bicycles to be repaired based on shop needs and community demand

– Perform quality control checks on bikes built by youth and ensure the safety of all bicycles

– Instruct basic bicycle safety to a diverse youth audience

– Answer visitors’ questions about broader RadSpringfield programs and operations

– Follows Springfield College policies and procedures regarding responsible use of the Center



– Strong proficiency with bicycle technology and tools (1960’s to present)

– Ingenuity to solve a wide array of mechanical issues

– Excellent customer service and sales skills

– Patience and a positive attitude towards offering repair help to a diverse audience

– Educational skills including lecturing on technical topics

– Organizational skills including monitoring one’s hours

– Positive attitude and enthusiastic belief in Rad’s mission of putting more bikes on the road


Professional Development Opportunities

– Making community contacts with bicycle-oriented organizers

– Receive training in neighborhood organizing and management of a community bike shop

– Opportunity for advancement within the organization as it grows

– Potential for initial off-site training with other bike shops


Benefits, Terms and Compensation

– $13-$16 hourly, depending on experience, up to 5hrs/week over the summer

– Reports to the Project Manager and the Director of the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement

– Reduced on bicycle industry goods

– Access to professional bike tools for your own bike



Submit a resume and cover letter to with the subject ‘Youth Repair Instructor application’. The position will be filled ASAP.

Rules of the Road

There’s some stuff going on out there on Springfield roads…

We are at the heart of a community conversation about safe, bikeable roadways and paths.

Let us all acknowledge the truth:  a fog surrounds our community’s ability to relate to each other and the rules over the road.

We need advocates who are willing to get involved in grassroots work acknowledging EVERYONE’s right to safely use of roadways.

What we can ask everyone – residents, commuters, visitors, leisure riders, – is to please be their best selves on Springfield roads.

Please reach out to us if you have anything to provide to this conversation.