Discovering Springfield on two wheels

We all see the world through different glasses.  Every morning we wake up with a view impacted by our past experiences, present workload, and aims for our future selves.

It brings us overwhelming joy to be working with a consortium of groups including Pedal Thru Youth, Hampshire Bicycle Exchange, Competitive Edge Ski And Bike, and Jewish Family Services of Western Massachusetts.

Our goal is to provide everyone who would like to bike an opportunity to do so safely.

Through resettlement and job placements, many families of refugees of foreign crises are making new homes – helping to make the Forest Park neighborhood one of the most vibrant places in New England.

These bikes, built mostly in previous decades have changed likely changed hands more than once over their lives. Soon they will be a transportation option for a New American coming to our soil from Congo, Sudan, or Rwanda.

The good ones like those built by Columbia out near our pals the Friends of the Columbia Greenway Rail Trail, Inc. in Westfield will last decades longer.

A bike is a fantastic option for getting to work on our Springfield roads. Each New American commuter will receive roadway safety training along with locks, lights, and a helmet along with a refurbished bike.

Please help us reach our goals of providing dozens of bikes to New Americans:…/new-american-riders-bicycles-for-refug…

To those who have already given to our community on any level, we thank you.

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