Our project is fueled by people who donate underutilized bikes that are in good condition.

If you have something in your basement or garage that isn’t getting ridden, donate it to Rad where it can be a learning and riding asset for the community.

Call us at fouronethree-271-7293; email at radspringfield [at] yahoo [dot] com; or facebook us.

Winter youth bike repair class

Wednesdays from 4-6 throughout March, Rad will be hosting youth bike repair class at Make-It Springfield.  $25 for the series.  $10 for drop-in.  Scholarships available.


The drive has begun.

Throughout November, we’ll be encouraging giving.  Our goal is to take in 50 donated bikes to allow us to promote our first ever build-a-bike program for Springfield residents taking place in early 2017.

Operational bikes are optimal, but bikes in any condition can be useful for parts.  Let us help you by taking away your underutilized bikes and getting them back on the road in the city.

As we’re a non-profit organization, we’re also encouraging monetary donations to support our drive to market and advertise our service across Springfield’s 40+ square miles.

On-site bicycle retrieval available upon request.

Springfield is the largest city in New England without a commercial bike shop.

Please consider giving at

Non-Descrimination Policy

Ride All Day.  Ride whatever you have access to.  Ride what is safe.

We are proud to be a non-discriminating, non-judging organization.  All of those who seek our services will be treated equally regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, background, or bike variety.

Community bike shops

[this is a free-from piece about community…as it pertains to bike shops]

RadSpringfield is a community bike shop.

When we say “community,” we mean old school “community.”

Where everybody is in things together, working to help everyone out; when one suffers the village suffers…

Bike repair knowledge, access to tools, and a ride of one’s own should be available to all.

Live rad.

Be rad.

Stay rad.

|ride all day|